Table 5

Number of men consented to the APCaRI 01 and 03 protocols (1 July 2014 to 30 June 2019) who donated biospecimens and PROM data to the APCaRI Biorepository and Registry respectively, at baseline and years 1–4, categorised by therapy type

Radical prostatectomyRadiation therapyHormone treatmentCryotherapyTotal
Number of patients4679587256971543001
Baseline biospecimens4639417166861522958
Biospecimens year 1–454312747507062293502
Number of patients with disease progression1671886315756631
Disease progression biospecimens available1671886315555628
Baseline QoL4549257086751472909
QoL year 1–47411638110110112854776
  • APCaRI, Alberta Prostate Cancer Research Initiative; PROM, patient-reported outcome measures; QoL, quality of life.