Table 3

Difference in the number, mean and percentage reduction of NHS appointments per type of activity organised per group 12 months postrecruitment compared with the 12 months prerecruitment (note: a negative/positive percentage denotes a decrease/increase in activity following recruitment)

Type of NHS appointmentNeurology group (n=128)MRI group (n=95)
Total of episodesMean%Total of episodesMean%
Primary care services
 GP face-to-face appointment−197−1.54−85−87−0.92−77
 GP phone appointment−11−0.09−3050.0520
Hospital-based services
 Hospital outpatient appointment3012.3693230.2492
 Inpatient episode30.027510.01100
 Emergency department episode−23−0.18−288−6−0.07−120
 Head CT−9−0.07−1210.011.0
 Brain MRI550.431411001.05NA
  • GP, general practitioner; NHS, National Health Service.