Table 2

Interventions in patients with NSTI

 Amputations111 (7.7%)
 No of surgical interventions6 (3–10)
Supportive modalities
 Admission to intensive care unit1506 (99%)
 Mechanical ventilation1317 (86%)
 Use of vasopressor/inotrope1095 (72%)
 Renal-replacement therapy, at least one treatment268 (18%)
 HBOT, at any time554 (36%)
  Hours from diagnosis to first HBOT4.2 (2.1–6.2)
  No of HBOT3 (2–3)
  ≥2 HBOT within 24 hours252 (45%)
  • Procedures/interventions within 7 days from NSTI diagnosis. Data are presented as n (%) or median (IQR).

  • HBOT, hyperbaric oxygen therapy; NSTI, necrotising soft-tissue infection.