Table 2

Clinical condition of patients

CharacteristicsFrequencyPercentages (%)
Duration of illness before PICU admission in days
 ≤6 days7122.7
 >6 days24277.7
Multiorgan dysfunction syndrome
Sources of admission
 Other facilities3711.8
 Emergency room18960.4
 Wards and operating rooms5116.3
Need for mechanical ventilation
Nutritional status, z-score
 Moderate acute malnutrition5016
 Severe acute malnutrition10031.9
Reasons for PICU admission
 Altered mental status14546.3
 Respiratory failure8226.5
 Diabetic ketoacidosis247
 Acute kidney injury247
 Congestive heart failure216.7
  • PICU, paediatric intensive care unit.