Table 1

Referral criteria for the interventions and outcome assessment for the Village-Integrated Eye Worker Trial II

TestsReferral criteria
Bharatpur Eye HospitalPrimary eye care centre
Baseline census
 Visual acuity
  • Pinhole VA worse than Snellen 20/200

  • Presenting VA worse than Snellen 20/200 and pinhole VA better than Snellen 20/200

Screening intervention
  • AOD500 <0.17 µm

  • AOD750 <0.25 µm

  • TISA500 <0.07 µm

  • TISA750 <0.13 µm

  • SSA <18°

  • Any intraretinal haemorrhages

  • Macular oedema

  • Many intermediate or ≥1 large druse

  • Geographic atrophy

  • Choroidal neovascularisation

  • Abnormal (ie, red) superior or inferior average thickness on the automatic RNFL summary

 Intraocular pressure
  • IOP ≥23 mm Hg in either eye

  • AOD, angle opening distance (measured at either 500 or 750 μm); IOP, intraocular pressure; OCT, optical coherence tomography; RNFL, retinal nerve fibre layer; SSA, scleral spur angle; TISA, trabecular-iris space area (measured at either 500 or 750 μm); VA, visual acuity.