Table 2

Text factors assessment results of PEMs used for patients with SLE

Publication sourceC and D words*Superclass words†ANDW‡ASL§ANS¶CLDC**
Self-designed (n=13)11.60±1.8025.47±2.8437.07±3.2229.87±9.443.57±0.8066.94±9.37
Commercial company (n=7)10.81±1.8424.63±1.5335.44±2.6731.93±3.133.16±0.3167.37±5.35
Overall (n=20)11.32±1.8025.18±2.4536.50±3.0730.59±28.643.43±0.6967.09±8.03
  • *Number of words in third and fourth grades of <Vocabulary and characters of different Hsk Levels>per hundred words.

  • †Number of words in the superclass grade of <Vocabulary and Characters of Different Hsk Levels>per hundred words.

  • ‡ANDW, average number of difficult words per hundred words.

  • §ASL, average sentence length.

  • ¶ANS, average number of sentences per hundred words: >10 for simple materials, 6–10 for primary materials, <6 for intermediate and difficult materials.

  • **CLDC, Chinese language difficulty coefficient: 20–30 for intermediate materials, >30 for difficult materials.

  • PEM, printed education material; SLE, systemic lupus erythematosu.