Table 1

Schedule of data collection

Data items and samples collectedPreoperativePostoperativeSubsequent days up to hospital dischargeHospital discharge3 Months postoperative
PresurgeryStart of CPB10 min post CPBXC removalXC
+ 1 hour
XC + 2 hoursXC + 4 hoursXC + 6 hoursXC + 12 hoursXC + 24 hoursXC + 48 hours
Screening and consent data
Baseline data (patient demographics, medical history, medications)
Randomisation allocation
Routine blood gases
Routine blood samples*
Blood for Troponin T
Central venous saturations
Arterial saturations, base deficit and lactate (induction)
Urinary albumin and creatinine, RBP, NAG and N-GAL
Operative details‡
Waste heart tissue (if available)
Clinical outcomes
Safety data postdischarge
  • *Routine bloods taken on admission to PICU.

  • †Several ScvO2 readings will be taken from XC removal until XC+ 48 hours.

  • ‡Operative details are recorded on XC removal and chest closure.

  • CPB, cardiopulmonary bypass; NAG, N-acetyl-β-glucosaminidase; N-GAL, neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin; PICU, paediatric intensive care unit; RBP, retinal binding protein; XC, cross-clamp.