Table 2

SAAS items

Item*Item text
1I feel comfortable with the way I appear to others.
2I feel nervous when having my picture taken.
3I get tense when it is obvious people are looking at me.
4I am concerned people won’t like me because of the way I look.
5I worry that others talk about flaws in my appearance when I am not around.
6I am concerned people will find me unappealing because of my appearance.
7I am afraid people find me unattractive.
8I worry that my appearance will make life more difficult for me.
9I am concerned that I have missed out on opportunities because of my appearance.
10I get nervous when talking to people because of the way I look.
11I feel anxious when other people say something about my appearance.
12I am frequently afraid that I won’t meet others’ standards of how I should look.
13I worry people will judge the way I look negatively.
14I am uncomfortable when I think others are noticing flaws in my appearance.
15I worry that a romantic partner will/would leave me because of my appearance.
16I am concerned that people think I am not good looking.
  • SAAS, Social Appearance Anxiety Scale.