Table 3

Predictive value of serum β-hCG on day 7 after FET for each pregnancy outcome (ROC curve)

GroupCut-off (U/L)AUC95% CISensitivity (%)Specificity (%)
BP vs single OP4.340.8520.821 to 0.88889.5175.58
Twin OP vs single OP17.950.9030.880 to 0.92381.9387.77
EP vs single OP4.530.8600.829 to 0.88872.7388.93
Single early SA vs single OP5.340.7380.703 to 0.77163.4781.36
AP vs OP5.340.8430.819 to 0.86471.4386.85
  • AP, adverse pregnancy; AUC, area under the curve; BP, biochemical pregnancy; β-hCG, plasma human chorionic gonadotropin; EP, ectopic pregnancy; FET, frozen–thawed embryo transfer; OP, ongoing pregnancy; ROC, receiver operating characteristic; SA, spontaneous abortion.