Table 2

Comparison of serum β-hCG levels at 7 dpt among groups (M (QL, QU))

GroupnhCG (β-hCG7d) (range)
Single OP group5158.98 (5.93 to 14.09)
Twin OP group23825.32 (19.43 to 30.45)*
EP group552.63 (1.54 to 5.23)*
Single early SA group1674.34 (2.60 to 7.35)*
BP group862.92 (1.62 to 4.48)*
  • *P<0.01 versus single OP group.

  • BP, biochemical pregnancy; β-hCG, plasma human chorionic gonadotropin; EP, ectopic pregnancy; OP, ongoing pregnancy; SA, spontaneous abortion.