Table 3

Overview of available biological samples for women with a live birth outcome (n=381) and selected subgroups of the molecular signature in pregnancy cohort

Overall (n=381)Preterm (n=19)GDM (n=50)Anaemia (n=62)Underweight (n=73)SGA (n=77)
Capillary blood
 Post partum103748132157196210
 Post partum87734115129147166
Vaginal swab*
 Post partum6863084105128136
Maternal serum3221743556666
Cord blood serum2991541486364
Cord blood EDTA†2941441495960
Malaria tests in pregnancy566222681998811121240
HCT tests in pregnancy567422781798911151242
Stool microscopy in pregnancy620298410799122
  • *Number refers to sampling time points; four swabs were taken at each time point.

  • †Less samples as amended to the protocol at a later stage.

  • EDTA, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid; GDM, gestational diabetes mellitus; HCT, haematocrit; SGA, born too small for gestational age.