Table 1

Baseline patient characteristics

Functional deteriorationStable baseline functionP values
Number of patients251 (40.4%)370 (59.6%)p=0.0001
Age (years, mean) (SD)67.4 (14.8)59.9 (17.7)p=<0.0001
Male146 (40.2%)217 (59.8%)p=0.0023
Female105 (40.7%)153 (59.3%)p=0.0147
APACHE II score10 (median) (IQR)20.5 (15.5–26)17.0 (12-22)p=0.0001
ICNARC score11 (median) (IQR)21.0 (15-27)18.0 (13-25)p=0.0081
SOFA score28 (median) (IQR)7.0 (5-8)6.0 (4-8)p=0.0285
Severe comorbidities in past medical history168 (66.9%)205 (55.4%)p=0.0040
Severe liver disease4 (1.6%)4 (1.1%)p=0.5813
Severe respiratory disease or home ventilation55 (22.0%)68 (18.4%)p=0.2677
Metastatic disease59 (23.5%)88 (23.8%)p=0.9217
Prior residence before ICU admission
 Home242 (96.4%)361 (97.6%)p=0.9188
 Nursing home7 (2.9%)5 (1.4%)p=0.2083
 Healthcare institution1 (0.4%)2 (0.5%)p=0.8556
Rockwood Clinical Frailty Score16 (median) (IQR)5.0 (4-5)3.0 (2-3)p<0.0001
Emergency admission230 (91.6%)310 (83.4%)p=0.0044
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation within 24 hours prior to admission17 (6.8%)32 (8.6%)p=0.3952
Non-surgical admissions192 (76.4%)234 (63.2%)p=0.1347
Surgical admissions59 (23.5%)136 (36.8%)p=0.0108
Prior hospital admission in last year165 (66.0%)185 (50.4%)p=0.0456
Admitted as potential candidate for organ donation0 (0.0%)5 (6.4%)p=0.0244
  • Percentages stated for number of patients, male/female refer to row totals; other percentages stated refer to column totals; numbers in superscript represent references.

  • APACHE II, Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation II; ICNARC, Intensive Care National Audit Research Centre; ICU, intensive care unit; SOFA, Sequential Organ Failure Assessment.