Table 1

Demographic characteristics at baseline, with the results of a permutation test for homophily

CharacteristicNumber ofNumber ofP value
NMs (%) or mean (SD)
CAs (%) or mean (SD)
Age33.0 (11.1)38.9 (9.7)<0.001
Female380 (53.7%)349 (53.9%)0.89
Employed490 (69.3%)356 (55.0%)<0.001
At least 7 years education369 (52.0%)584 (82.3%)<0.001
Complete HIV knowledge638 (89.9%)598 (90.4%)0.65
Persons sleeping in home5.00 (5.77)3.87 (3.72)<0.001
Married373 (52.7%)338 (51.1%)0.56
HIV positive87 (12.3%)662 (100%)N/A
Private source of water309 (43.7%)263 (39.7%)0.19
  • Specifically, for each CA-NM dyad, either a difference (for continuous variables) or concordance (for dichotomous variables) is calculated. For example, if a changeagent (CA) was 39 years old, and their networkmember (NM) was 25 years old, the difference would be 14 years old. If a CA was male and their NM was female, the pair would be discordant for sex. CA-NM pairs were then randomly reshuffled, the edge-wise characteristics recalculated, and the observed difference compared to the distribution of randomised differences.