Table 2

Outcomes of new low-risk referrals with diabetic eye disease under two models of care

Standard hospital careC-EYE-CP value
New referrals6865
Appointment attendance (n, %)49 (72)44 (68)0.71*
Median wait-time between referral and first appointment (days, IQR)118 (80–171)53 (34–69)p<0.01
Final diagnosis%%p<0.01*
 No diabetic retinopathy (DR)10.252.3
 Mild NPDR32.711.4
 Moderate NPDR10.213.6
 Severe NPDR8.24.5
 Proliferative DR0.00.0
 Macular oedema8.29.1
 Unexplained vision loss or retinal detachment0.00.0
 Not recorded22.42.3p<0.01*
Management outcome%%p<0.01*
 Urgent hospital (<1 month)16.39.1
 Hospital management required (<3 months)24.520.5
 Routine management (>3 months)32.765.9
 Hospital review for another ocular condition12.22.3
 Discharge from service6.10.0
 Not recorded8.22.3
  • *p value: Fisher’s exact used for categorical data.

  • †Mann-Whitney used for continuous non-parametric data.

  • C-EYE-C, Community Eye Care; NPDR, non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy.