Table 3

Health system costs per patient encounter for newly referred patients with diabetic eye care in the standard hospital care and C-EYE-C models

Cost itemHospital careCommunity Eye Care (C-EYE-C)
Staff time per patient (min)Cost per patient encounter ($AUD)Staff time per patient (min)Cost per patient encounter
C-EYE-C clinic ($AUD)Hospital follow-up if required (<3 months) ($AUD)
 On costs*12.003.449.00
Imaging (OCT, retinal camera, iCARE)3.002.42
 Pharmacy (goods and services and pathology, including dilating drops)10.003.5910.00
 Other costs combined†28.0028.00
 Rent+utilities (optometrist only)5.11
Cost per patient (by clinic type)160.0046.27154.00
Average cost per patient160.0090.80
  • *On costs=superannuation, worker’s compensation, long service leave and annual leave.

  • †Other costs combined=averaged costs per visit for operating room, pathology, prosthesis, ward supplies.

  • OCT, optical coherence tomography.