Table 2

The chronology of visits and assessments performed in the VVS-SAS registry

MonthsEnrolmentAnnual follow-up visits*
Baseline visit (V0)V12, V24…
M0M12, M24….
 Patient informationX
 Verification of eligibility criteriaX
 Baseline data collectionX
 Clinical examinationXX
 Description of syncope symptomsXX
 Blood panelX
 24-hour Holter monitoring†XX‡
 Table tilt testX
 Multiple sleep latency testXX‡
 Treatments for VVS and SASXX
 SAS treatment characterisationX
  • *The total number of annual follow-up visits will be determined on a per-patient basis by the time required to recruit 60 patients, plus one additional year of follow-up.

  • †Continuous data collection for both blood pressure and cardiac rhythm.

  • ‡At V12 only.