Table 1

Study summary

Study titleCOVID-19 in Older PEople: the influence of frailty and multimorbidity on survival
Short titleCOPE study
Study designObservational
Study participantsAdults aged 18 years and older, inpatients in an acute hospital setting with an illness relating to COVID-19
Planned size of sampleMinimum 500
Study sites (n)Minimum 10
Start date27 February 2020
Planned study period3 months
Follow-up duration12 months
Ethics/registration numberHealth Research Authority (20/HRA1898)
Ethics Committee of Hospital Policlinico Modena, Italy (369/2020/OSS/AOUMO)
Health and Care Research Permissions Service, Wales
NHS Research Scotland Permissions Co-ordinating Centre, Scotland
Research question/aim(s)To assess frailty and multimorbidity in older adults receiving acute inpatient care with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19. To correlate frailty with both short-term and long-term outcomes.
A secondary research question is the effect of ACEi, ARB, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive medications in patients with COVID-19.
A further research question is how other factors including source of COVID-19 (community vs nosocomial), socioeconomic deprivation; ethnicity and gender influence outcomes in this setting.
Longer term mortality, quality of life and adverse medical outcomes.
  • ACEi, ACE inhibitor; ARB, angiotensin receptor blocker; COPE, COVID-19 in Older PEople.