Table 1

Characteristics of the participants completing the 3-month follow-up (n=713)

Variables% (n)
Socioeconomic status
Educational level (n=704)
 Primary school, 0–10 years18.9 (133)
 High school, 11–13 years48.0 (338)
 College/university, ≤3 years19.6 (138)
 College/university, >3 years13.5 (95)
Occupational status*
 Disability pension, full or graded39.3 (280)
 Working, full or graded39.6 (282)
 Sick leave, full or graded17.0 (121)
 Retired16.3 (116)
 Student1.4 (10)
 Other†4.2 (30)
Health status
 Chronic conditions*
 No diagnosis10.0 (70)
 NCDs and risk factors for NCD67.7 (477)
 Muscle/skeletal41.6 (291)
 Mental conditions28.0 (196)
 Other‡14.3 (100)
Source of referral/self-referred (n=705)
 Self-referred17.4 (123)
 General practitioner54.0 (381)
 Other health services23.7 (167)
 Norwegian labour and welfare administration4.8 (34)
Risk behaviours
Smoking status (n=697)
 Not smoking77.8 (542)
 Smoking22.2 (155)
Meeting dietary guidelines (n=693)
 (eating five fruits/vegetables per day)22.7 (157)
Meeting PA guidelines§ (n=655)
 (≥150 min MVPA in 10 min bouts per week)15.9 (104)
  • *Possible to report more than one occupational status and chronic condition; some individuals have combinations.

  • †Other occupational statuses include maternity leave, homemakers i.a

  • ‡Other chronic conditions include fatigue, headache, hypothyroidism, rheumatic diseases, neurologic conditions, psoriasis, syndromes, hypercholesterolemia, allergy.

  • §Individuals with ≥4 valid days of PA assessment at baseline.

  • MVPA, moderate to vigorous PA; NCD, non-communicable disease; PA, physical activity.