Table 2

Pregnancy characteristics in the Pregnancy Cohort and the Child Cohort of the PPRN

PHARMO Perinatal Research Network (PPRN) 1999–2017Perined 1999–2017 (reference)
Pregnancy CohortChild CohortTotal population
Pregnancies (n)~542 900~126 200~3 200 000
Mothers (n)~387 100~101 400
Maternal characteristics
 Age at delivery (mean±SD; years)31.0±4.830.8±4.731.0±4.9
 Nulliparous (%)465747
 Dutch ethnicity (%)798479
 Database history before delivery (mean±SD; years)6.0±4.36.1±4.3
 Database follow-up after delivery (mean±SD; years)*7.9±5.07.7±4.7
Infant characteristics
 Male sex (%)515351
 Gestational age at birth (mean±SD; weeks)39.1±3.539.2±2.739.3±2.3
 Preterm birth (%)878
 Multiple birth (%)2<0.54
 Database follow-up after birth (mean±SD; years)*7.8±4.77.8±4.7
  • *Current censoring: 31 December 2018.