Table 2

Development of the concept of postoperative recovery from Allvin et al9 and Lundmark et al16 to suit late postoperative recovery in day-surgery patients

DimensionsAllvin et alLundmark et alLate recovery after day surgery
PhysicalRegaining control over reflexes and motor activitiesRegaining control over reflexes and bodily functionsRegaining control over bodily functions
Normalise and control bodily functions
Loss of pain and fatigue
Conservation of energyConserving energyConserving energy
Experience of passivityExperiencing passivity
Symptom managementSymptom management
Adjusting to physical restraints
PsychologicalExperience of passivityExperiencing passivity
Return to psychological well-being
Return to wholeness
Reinstate integrityReinstating integrity
Transition from illness to healthTransition from illness to health
Loss of depression, anger, anxiety, fatigue and passivity
Experiences of pressures and cues
Emotional transitionEmotional transition
Achieving an optimum level of psychological well-beingAchieving an optimum level of psychological well-being
SocialBecoming independentBecoming independentBecoming dependent
Stabilise at full social function
Functioning in interaction with other people
Social adaptionSocial adaption
HabitualStablising the full range of activities
Take responsibility for and controlling activities in daily care
Restoration of normal eating, drinking and toilets habits
Returning to work and driving
Reconstructing daily occupationReconstructing daily occupation