Table 1

Distribution of sample size by field, area and school

FieldTotal number of first-grade students (2016/2017)*Field sample†Selected schools in each field (n)Total number of students selected from schools in each area
BoysGirlsCoeducation schoolsTotalBoysGirlsCoeducation schoolsTotal
West Bank497948214145331592493044189293482
Gaza32 78096114134067204175295287499462961
Total47 5152399373591163492539659709115112482399
  • *The study population included school children in first grade during school year 2016/2017, as a reference point.

  • †Prevalence rate using the previously reported rate in 2005: 9.1%, 22.3%, 14.6% and 36.4% in Syria, Lebanon, West Bank and Gaza, respectively.