Table 2

COVID-19 awareness, knowledge, practices and information sources

Indicator%*95% CI*
Awareness and attitudes
 Heard of COVID-199188.2 to 93.2
 Moderate–great risk perception7564.7 to 82.5
 Mode of transmission: air6154.6 to 66.1
 Mode of transmission: body fluids7468.3 to 78.8
 Mode of transmission: touch6659.4 to 71.2
 Symptoms: fever3830.0 to 46.4
 Symptoms: cough5447.5 to 61.3
 Symptoms: difficulty breathing3324.8 to 41.9
 Possible to survive COVID-193528.5 to 41.3
 Taken any action5750.9 to 63.0
 Wash hands with soap and water8781.9 to 90.5
 Avoid crowded places6253.7 to 69.0
 Drink traditional herbs93.7 to 21.6
 Medicines from pharmacy104.0 to 22.1
 Drink a lot of water/juice2214.0 to 31.8
Information sources
 Social media3931.4 to 46.3
 Radio7369.2 to 77.2
 Church/mosque2417.3 to 31.7
 Community meetings1811.8 to 26.7
 Print media115.9 to 18.3
 Traditional leaders94.4 to 17.2
 Ministry of Health and Sanitation137.5 to 20.6
  • *Adjusted for sampling weights.