Table 3

Registered change in patient care following the use of point-of-care ultrasonography

Before registrations
After registrations
Change in the intended plan for the patient
 Acute admission to hospital1012
 Subacute referral to hospital3216
 Elective referral hospital5032
 Subacute referral to specialist187
 Elective referral to specialist6438
 Referral to radiology8630
 Other referral for example, physiotherapist (primary care services)2032
 Follow-up in the clinic165183
 No plan for follow-up106198
Change in the intended treatment of the patient
 I will initiate medication104107
 I will refer for treatment8768
 I will initiate other treatment64115
 I will not initiate treatment283277
  • Comparison between complete before and after registrations (N=528)

  • The questions was designed as multiple choice. Results are provided as the number of registrations.

  • *Referral for treatment in physiotherapy.