Table 2

Key topics and measurements in the COMPASS questionnaire

AgeingMother’s age at birth; parents’ age at death; parents’ vital status; osteoporosis
Female medical historyAge at menarche; breast feeding; fertility interventions; hormonal birth control use; hormone replacement therapy; menopausal status; pregnancy history
Lifestyle behavioursAlcohol use; cannabis use; e-cigarettes/vaping; heroin use; lifetime passive smoke exposure; physical activity; self-reported health; smoking cessation; tobacco use history
Follow-up dataAddress; email address; phone number; contact information of friends or family members; driver’s license number; social security number
Immune statusAllergies; blood transfusions; influenza immunisation history
Medication useAntihistamine use; anti-hypertensive use; H2 receptor blocker use; insulin use; non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug use; opioid use; pain status; proton pump inhibitor use; sleep medication use; statin/cholesterol/lipid lowering drug use
Psychological statusAnxiety; depression; stress
Recent medical care utilisationBarriers to healthcare access; emergency room/urgent care utilisation; healthcare coverage type and duration; healthcare utilisation; screening activities; usual healthcare provider/location
Significant medical historyArthritis; asthma; autoimmune disorders; blood cholesterol; dental history; diabetes; family history of cancer; heart attack/myocardial infarction; hepatitis B; hepatitis C; HIV/AIDs; hypertension; number of children; number of siblings; other chronic diseases; personal history of cancer; sleep apnoea; sexually transmitted diseases; surgeries
Sociodemographic statusAge; birth date; household income; household size; education level; marital status; occupation; place of birth; race/ethnicity; sex/gender; work status
Social environmentCaregiver status; community social cohesion; night shift work; religion; self-reported patient experience/satisfaction; sleep habits; stress at home; stress at work
Blood pressureResting blood pressure; resting heart rate
Body compositionHeight; hip circumference; waist circumference; weight
Environmental exposuresDrinking water sources; lifetime proximity to point sources of pollution; residence during adolescence; self-report crime and violence concerns; self-report environmental concerns; work commute (current and historical)