Table 1

An overview of data collection

Questionnaire dataBlood collectionOther specimen dataClinical measurementsOther data collection
Socioeconomic statusEDTA lavender top vacutainerUrine collectedAnthropometryElectronic medical records
Medical historySST red tiger top vacutainerSaliva collectedBlood pressureAir quality data
PsychosocialHeparin green top vacutainerStool collectedOther haemodynamicsLead tests
EnvironmentK2 EDTA blue top vacutainer
Lifestyle behavioursSST gold top vacutainer
Family cancer historySerum red top vacutainer
Cancer statuscfDNA collection tube
Use of medical services
Screening behaviour
Medication use
  • cfDNA, Cell-Free DNA collection tube; SST, Serum-separating tubes.