Table 2

Multivariate analysis exploring the association between group of variables generated by factorial analysis and ‘women’s overall satisfaction’

Factors (group of variables)Variables included*Factor
Adjusted OR95% CIP value
Effective communication, involvement, listening to women’s needs, respectful and timely careEffective communication (E)0.8416.849.90 to 28.61<0.001
Adequate involvement of women (E)0.79
Listening to women’s needs (E)0.79
Respect and dignity (E)0.72
Emotional support (E)0.72
Timely care (R)0.7
Effective handover (E)0.66
Feeling left alone (E)−0.62
Women needing more time with HWs (R)−0.59
Feeling forced to accept care (E)−0.57
Privacy (E)0.55
Immediate information (E)0.53
Prompt attention (P)0.53
Divergent opinion among HWs (E)−0.5
Heath workers introduced themselves (E)0.45
Contradictory information (E)−0.4
Physical structureGeneral comfort of the wards (R)0.886.514.08 to 10.40<0.001
Basic infrastructure of the ward (R)0.87
Toilets (R)0.85
Areas for newborn care (R)0.84
General cleanliness (R)0.79
Illumination (R)0.77
Acoustics (R)0.73
Organisation of hospital routine (R)0.71
Areas for visitors and timing (R)0.71
Possibility to rest after delivery (E)0.4
Victim of abuse, discrimination, aggressivenessVictim of abuse (E)0.851.080.55 to 2.150.811
Victim of discrimination (E)0.78
Victim of aggressiveness (E)0.72
Multiple pregnancies (S)−0.61
Good neonatal practicesSkin-to-skin (P)0.871.821.13 to 2.300.013
Early breastfeeding (P)0.83
Caesarean section (P)−0.75
Rooming in (P)0.72
Women characteristicsItalian citizenship (S)0.840.810.47 to 1.420.479
Born in Italy (S)0.79
Occupation status—employed (S)0.7
Age ≥35 years (S)0.52
Marital status—married/living with partner (S)0.35
High education level (S)0.35
Antenatal groups and multiparityMultiparity (S)0.81.921.22 to 3.010.005
Antenatal birthing classes (S)−0.75
Mode of birth, attention to women comfort and partnership in labourVaginal operative delivery (P)0.61.661.02 to 2.700.04
Attention to ward’s temperature (E)0.51
Presence of a companion of choice (E)0.47
Attention to thirst/hunger feeling (E)0.4
Information on danger signs and women rightsWarning signs information (R)0.521.841.20 to 2.830.005
Respect for cultural and religious needs (E)−0.47
Breastfeeding information (P)0.46
Knowledge of the respectful maternity care charter (S)0.37
  • *Only variables with factor loading >0.3, in a descending order of contribution to the factor, are reported. Each variable is reported once, only in the factor with higher contribution

  • †Additional variables for availability of resources (not based on WHO quality measures).

  • CS, caesarean section; (E), experience of care; HW, health worker; (P), provision of care; (R), availability of resources; RMC, respectful maternity care; (S), sociodemographic and clinical characteristics.