Table 1

Assessments completed by the CCREOH-MeKi Tamara Cohort with timeline

AssessmentsTrimesterBirth12 months36 months48 months
 Obstetric history
 Marital status
 Household income
 Household composition
 Maternity care
  Short Form 36 Health Survey
  Social Support List
  Brief Trauma Interview
  Cohen’s Perceived Stress Scale
  Edinburgh Depression Scale
  Exposure history
  Prenatal Life Events Scale
  Subjective Social Status
  Dietary Assessment
  Family Environment Scale
  Parenting Stress Index
 Biological samples
  Buccal swab
At birth
 Mode of delivery
 Cord or heelprick blood sample
 Birth outcomes
Child development
 Physical examination ●
  Generation R ●
  M-CHAT ●
  Child Behavior Checklist ● ●
  Bayley SEQ ●
  Ages and Stages Questionnaire
 Neurodevelopmental tests
 Biological samples
  Buccal swab
  • ASSIST V3.0, Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test Version 3; Bayley SEQ, Bayley Social Emotional Questionnaire; BSID-III, Bayley Scales of Infant Development third edition; CANTAB, Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery; Generation R, questionnaires on paediatric health and diet history (with permission from The Generation R Study Group); M-CHAT, Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers; Subjective Social Status, MacArthur Scale of Subjective Social Status.