Table 2

Kindergarten educator outcome measures to be used in the study

ConstructMeasureBaseline8 weeks follow-up12 months follow-up
Rhythm and movement practices14 items related to frequency of use of various music practices in early childhood settings—author devised
Rhythm and movement confidenceTwo items about confidence to use rhythm and movement in (a) a specific session and (b) throughout the day (5-point scale)—author devised
Knowledge of self-regulation in early childhoodSingle item rating confidence (5-point scale)– author devised
Knowledge of the role of music and movement for brain developmentSingle item rating confidence (5-point scale)—author devised
Beliefs about role of music engagement for child developmentTen items including adapted items from Barrett et al38—items selected and created for relevance to child outcomes of self-regulation and executive function and motor development
  • ●=preschool educator report