Table 1

Sociodemographic, context, education training and intervention fidelity measures to be used in the study

ConstructMeasureBaseline8 weeks follow-up12 months follow-up
Sociodemographic characteristicsEducator/teacher: level of education, years of experience, employment status, age, genderEmbedded Image
Child/parent: age, gender, language and indigenous background, income bracket, household composition, parental education, child disability or delay
Preschool educator context
 Music training backgroundStudy-designed questions on type and years of formal music training as well as music training as part of preservice and in-service professional development (six items)
 Self-regulation training backgroundStudy-designed questions on type of preservice and in-service professional development in area of self-regulation (four items)
Child context measures
 Frequency of music-related home learningSingle item about frequency of home adult–child music activities used in prior longitudinal studies35
 Attendance at extracurricular music and/or danceSingle item asking about music/dance extracurricular in the last 6 months
 Sleep problemsFive items used in prior longitudinal studies36
 Physical activity preference and levelsFour items from the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children37—two from each of parents and school teachers
Parents: one item on a 5-point scale about child enjoyment of physical activity from very much dislikes to very much likes; one item about child’s use of free time with three categories related to whether chooses active, inactive or both pastimes.
School teacher: two items asking on a 5-point scale how active child is in organised activities and in play (from a lot less active than most to a lot more active than most)
Embedded Image
Intervention feasibility, acceptability and fidelity measures and teacher training/delivery experiences (intervention group only)
 Implementation and adjustment recordSessional checklist against activity plan. Each of the six activities undertaken in each section will require a rating by teachers of either ‘as per plan with or without planned extensions’; ‘as per plan with adjustments’; ‘not implemented’Throughout programme delivery
 Teacher engagementSessional checklist on teacher enjoyment and confidence (low, medium, high)Throughout programme delivery
 Child engagementSession checklist on child attention, enjoyment and participation (low, medium, high)Throughout programme delivery
 Teacher experience training in and delivering the interventionIndividual narrative interview including barriers and facilitators to approach and implementation
Coach observation and coaching discussion notesThroughout programme training and delivery
  • ◆=direct assessment; ●=preschool educator report; ✹=parent report; Embedded Image=school teacher report.