Table 2

Distribution of maternal and infant characteristics

Maternal characteristics (n=1143)N%Infant characteristics (n=971)N%
Age at intakeGender
 16–19 years14212.6 Male51052.5
 20–24 years26022.8 Female45747.1
 25–29 years29125.5 Missing40.4
 30–34 years26823.5Birth status
 35–39 years14012.3 Live birth94797.5
 40+years393.4 Stillbirth232.4
 Missing10.1 Missing10.1
ParityBirth weight (in grams)
 0 previous live births38433.7 Low birth weight (<2500)12713.1
 One previous live birth31227.3 Normal birth weight (≥2500)83586.0
 Two previous live births18716.4 Missing90.9
 Three previous live births1129.8Gestational age (in weeks)
 4+previous live births14612.8 Very preterm births (22+0–32+6)394.0
 Missing20.2 Moderately preterm births (33+0–36+6)10711.0
 Term births (≥37+0)81784.1
Ethnicity Missing80.8
 Creole24921.8Apgar score at 5 min
 Hindustani23320.4 0–6313.2
 Indigenous15513.6 7–1091894.5
 Javanese1018.8 Missing222.3
Educational level
 No or primary27624.1
 Lower vocational/secondary38233.4
 Upper vocational/secondary31727.7
 Household income SRD*
 Marital status
  Married or living with partner100087.6
  Not married/not living with partner14112.4
  • *Surinamese Dollar, equivalent to US$0.13.

  • SRD, Surinamese Dollar.