Table 2

Demographic characteristics of interviewees.

Patients (n=23)GPs (n=20)
Age (range, mean)34–78, 6125–45, 35
Years of experience as a GP (range, mean)Not applicable0–22, 10
Years since T2DM diagnosis (range, mean)0.5–20, 8.6Not applicable
Percentage male52%40%
Percentage female48%60%
Percentage diagnosed by GP22%Not applicable
Percentage diagnosed by specialist70%Not applicable
Percentage medication initiated by GP22%Not applicable
Percentage medication initiated by specialist74%Not applicable
Percentage comfortable making T2DM diagnosis unaidedNot applicable55%
Percentage comfortable initiating T2DM medicationNot applicable75%
  • GP, general practitioner; T2DM, type 2 diabetes mellitus.