Table 3

Associations (multivariable analysis) between the prevalence of cerebral stroke and systemic and ocular parameters in the Beijing Eye Study 2011

ParameterP valueOR95% CI
Age (years)<0.0011.061.04 to 1.08
Gender (men/women)<0.0010.540.40 to 0.74
Inverse quality of life score<0.0011.391.25 to 1.55
Prevalence of arterial hypertension<0.0012.862.05 to 3.98
Cardiovascular disease<0.0011.851.34 to 2.56
Prevalence of diabetic retinopathy<0.0014.412.38 to 8.18
(Alternatively: stage of diabetic retinopathy)<0.0011.641.26 to 2.14