Table 2

Impact of COVID-19 related measures on chronic disease healthcare provision and self-management

Component of disease managementPercentageNumber of observations
Health service provision
 GP appointment cancelled9.69922
 Hospital appointment cancelled7.83745
 GP phone/remote appointment30.932944
 Some form of cancellation or change in service delivery44.864270
Of those who do Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR) (n=553)
 Doing PR at home24.77137
 PR cancelled24.23134
Have enough medications93.418871
Have online prescriptions64.386112
Have a written self-management plan for their condition39.563756
Have watched online inhaler videos
 Don’t use inhalers2.33221
Physical activity
 Able to ‘keep active’ or do exercise at home81.027682
 Not able to ‘keep active’ or do exercise at home18.921800
Type of activity