Table 1

Final attributes and corresponding levels included in the DCE

The functions and handling of the online portalDuring the coaching programme, you are provided with different devices to measure your weight, your blood glucose and the steps you have walked. These devices automatically transfer your data to an online portal that you and your coach can access. The range of functions and the handling of the online portal can differ for different programmes. The more functions the online portal offers, the more complex the handling becomes.Extensive functions and more complex handling
Less extensive functions and easier handling
Communication between coach and doctorsCoaching programmes can differ on the basis of whether your coach and your doctors communicate about your treatment, the programme goals you have set, and your data in the online portal.My coach and my doctors do not communicate
My coach and my doctors do communicate
Responsibility for getting acquainted with a healthier lifestyleCoaching programmes can provide you with information about various opportunities for lifestyle changes.I receive information from my doctor
I receive information from my coach
I search for information myself
Group activitiesSome coaching programmes contain activities in groups of 10–15 participants each. The activities include sports activities, cooking together and also the exchanging of experiences by the group members in an online forum.No group activities
Group activities
Responsibility for setting goals to exercise and menu scheduleOne part of the coaching programme is setting goals to exercise and eat well.My coach sets my goals
I set my goals independently
My coach and I set my goals together
Total time requiredCoaching programmes may differ in the amount of time you have to spend on the programme. This includes the time spent fulfilling your movement goals, talking to your coach, changing your diet and using your devices correctly. The time required for potential group activities is not included.12 hours/week
10 hours/week
8 hours/week
6 hours/week
  • DCE, discrete choice experiment.