Table 1

Health conditions addressed in the 100 Cochrane reviews assessed in relation to use of COS

ICD-11 codeDisease areaN (%)
12Respiratory system11 (11)
16Genitourinary system11 (11)
2Neoplasms9 (9)
11Circulatory system8 (8)
1Infectious or parasitic diseases5 (5)
8Nervous system5 (5)
13Digestive system4 (4)
15Musculoskeletal system4 (4)
9Visual system4 (4)
14Skin3 (3)
24Factors influencing health status or contact with health services3 (3)
4Immune system2 (2)
5Endocrine, nutritional or metabolic diseases2 (2)
6Mental, behavioural or neurodevelopmental2 (2)
7Sleep–wake disorders2 (2)
17Conditions related to sexual health2 (2)
3Blood or blood-forming organs1 (1)
10Ear or mastoid process1 (1)
19Certain conditions originating in the perinatal period1 (1)
21Symptoms, signs or clinical findings, not elsewhere classified1 (1)
22Injury, poisoning or certain other consequences of external causes1 (1)
23External causes of morbidity or mortality1 (1)
No specific ICD-11 codeMiscellaneous17 (17)
  • ICD-11, International Classification of Diseases 11th Revision.