Table 1

Data collection

ScreeningBaseline2 cycles of chemotherapyEnd of chemotherapy cycle 2Surgical admission*Up to 4 cycles of chemotherapyFollow-up
6 weeks6 months12 months18 months24 monthsEvery 6 months until end of trial†
Screening logXX
CT scanX‡X
Informed consentX
Demography, medical history, blood test resultsX
Lung function testsXX§
Chemotherapy treatment given‡XX
Surgery and in hospital postoperative data¶X
Adverse eventsXXXXXX X
Patient-reported resource and health service useXXXXXX
  • *Patients allocated to surgery and/or receiving surgery only.

  • †If not within previous 4 months.

  • ‡Previous CT scan to be used (not to be done again specifically for the trial protocol).

  • §Only one assessment of lung function is needed, so if this has been done prior to screening, there is no need for another test at baseline.

  • ¶Including resource and health service use.