Table 2

Feedback form

1. Did you understand beforehand what your role was in the project? (No / a little / yes)6. Would you recommend other children to become co-researchers? Why?
2. How could we improve the information about working as a co-researcher?7. How would you rate your time investment? (Too long, adequate, too short)
3. What was it like for you to work as a co-researcher?8. a. What did you think of the €10 gift voucher? (Phase I)
 a. Positive aspects b. What did you think about participating in this project during school hours? Why? (Phase II)
 b. Points of improvement9. Do you have suggestions for improving this evaluation form?
4. Did you learn anything from being a co-researcher? If so, what did you learn?
5. Would you like to be a co-researcher more often?