Table 5

Summary of written feedback

Theme (question from (table 2))Summary of written feedbackN* (%)†
Understanding the study procedures (1,2,9)Understanding their role as co-researcher before start‡
 No0 (0)
 A little12 (86)
 Yes2 (14)
Suggestions for improving the information about working as co-researcher
 Don’t know4 (29)
 Everything was clear5 (36)
 Use fewer difficult words4 (29)
 Explain that we had to take notes and create a mind map1 (7)
Suggestions for improving the feedback form of the co-researcher project
 Adding a question about the overall experience1 (7)
 No recommendations13 (93)
Empowerment (3 to 6)Positive experience as co-researcher
 Fun14 (100)
 Interesting4 (29)
 Helping other children1 (7)
 Learning something new1 (7)
 Time investment was okay2 (14)
 Receiving a certificate1 (7)
Points of improvement for co-researcher project
 No points of improvement12 (86)
 Shorter interviews1 (7)
 The project should take the whole school day (instead of a half day)1 (7)
Lessons learnt from being a co-researcher
 Taking notes2 (14)
 Critical thinking and listening4 (29)
 About a medical condition2 (14)
 About doing research2 (14)
 About how children think and feel about research2 (14)
 That children think differently from adults1 (7)
 That it is fun and that you learn a lot1 (7)
 Not really1 (7)
Would like to be co-researcher more often including reason
 Yes, because it’s fun12 (86)
 Yes, because it’s interesting5 (36)
 Yes, because I like to help people1 (7)
 Yes, I know what to expect now1 (7)
 Yes, if it doesn’t hurt1 (7)
 It is fun, but depends on how much time I have1 (7)
Would you recommend others to become co-researcher?
 Yes, because it’s (super) fun9 (64)
 Yes, because it’s interesting/you learn something from it7 (50)
 Yes, because you receive a gift voucher1 (7)
 Yes, because you can help other people2 (14)
 Yes, because you get sweets1 (7)
 Yes, but it depends on whether it suits them1 (7)
Time investment (7,8b)Rating of time investment‡
 Too long1 (7)
 Adequate12 (86)
 Too short1 (7)
Thoughts on having this project during school time (Phase II, n=9)§
 Fun/good, because you didn’t have to do schoolwork6 (67)
 Fun/good, because you don’t miss free time after school4 (44)
 Don’t mind1 (11)
Compensation (8b)Thoughts on receiving a gift voucher (Phase I, n=5)§
 Fun/good5 (100)
 Not necessary2 (40)
 Creative1 (20)
  • *Number of child participants; n=14. Some participants provided more than one answer.

  • †Rounded to nearest whole number.

  • ‡The feedback provided is based on a multiple choice question.

  • §Calculation based on a sub-selection of total participants, because children took part in a different phase.