Table 4

Scientifically and non-scientifically based steps in the corticosteroid nasal spray protocol

Scientifically based stepsNon-scientifically based steps
  • Blow the nose or rinse the nose with saline if the nose is clogged.19

  • Firmly shake the bottle.

  • Keep the head upright.10 20

  • Squirt a few sprays into the air until you see a cloud of mist.

  • Use the right hand for spraying in the left nostril and the left hand for spraying in the right nostril.12

  • Close the other nostril with your opposite hand.

  • Point the end of the nozzle slightly outwards, away from the centre ridge of the nose.

  • Breathe out through the mouth.

  • Squirt a spray of mist in the nose while breathing in.

  • Wipe the nozzle with a tissue or handkerchief after every use.

  • Extensively wash the nozzle once a week.