Table 1

Descriptive statistics for the study variables (n=11 400)

Males (n=5410)Females (n=5990)
Circulatory disease (1973–2016)
Peer status position (1966)
 High status178833.1171028.6
 Medium status193735.8218536.5
 Low status103319.1115519.3
Sibling position (1972)
 Only child70513.070511.8
 Last born171431.7192932.2
 Middle born130224.1150925.2
 First born168931.2184730.8
Number of siblings (1972)
 More than 41623.02163.6
Parental educational level (1960)
 At least one parent with upper secondary degree140225.9153325.6
 No parent with upper secondary degree373169.0413169.0
Parental social welfare receipt (1953–1965)
Parental psychiatric problems (1953–1972)
Intervention during delivery (1953)
Cognitive ability (1966)
 First quartile (lowest)105219.5160126.7
 Second quartile126823.4153825.7
 Third quartile149127.6150925.2
 Fourth quartile (highest)159929.6134222.4
Conduct marks (1966)
 Not so good50.110.0
 Very good532298.4597099.7
Average school marks (1966)
 Range 1 to 5Mean 3.2SD 0.9Mean 3.3SD 0.9
Crimes of violence (1962–1972)
Mental disorders (1973–2016)
Disorders due to alcohol use (1973–2016)