Table 1

Key sections of the My Journey 3 Smartphone app

My recovery planThings I can do to keep well
My goals
To encourage users to have regular routines, track activities, set reminders and plan how to achieve long-term goals
My relapse prevention planCoping with triggers
Coping with early warning signs
Coping with a crisis
Crisis contacts
To help users identify, monitor and cope with triggers and early warning signs
To help users create a ‘relapse plan’ to follow in times of crisis
How are you doing?My mood
My early warning signs
My tracker
For users to monitor symptoms, behaviours and early warning signs and track these experiences over time
Pill trackerTo log whether users have taken their medication each day
InformationMedication information
Useful websites
Emergency services
Jargon buster
To provide users with useful information and external links on medication and mental health
To identify local emergency services in a time of crisis
To provide a glossary of terms that are commonly used in mental health care