Table 1

Changes in age-adjusted mortality rates 1999 to 2017 for major causes of death in the USA

ICD-10 code1999
Age-adjusted mortality rate
per million
Age-adjusted mortality rate per million
Per cent change, 95% CIP valuePer cent change
per year
All-cause mortality8756.347319.17−16.4%,
16.3% to 16.6%
38.5% to 39.4%
All neurological disordersG00–G98309.21558.97+80.8%,
79.4% to 82.1%
Degenerative disorders of the CNSG30–G31168.90367.58+117.6%,
115.5% to 119.7%
multiple cause of death
88.2% to 110.0%
  • Rates are expressed as number per million. Mortality per cent changes per year were evaluated using the weighted linear regression model; approximate formulas by Smith et al.10

  • CNS, central nervous system; ICD, International Classification of Diseases.