Table 2

Participation in and adherence to ReWork-SCI

ParticipantsMedian (q1 to q3)
Start of intervention (days after injury)14315912895358237430159 (135.5 to 297.5)
Assessed at baseline and at follow-upxxxxxxx
Intervention step performed or ongoing
 At 3 months129999139
 At 6 months15101515101315
Number of contacts/visits9771059149 (7 to 9.5)
 At the clinic76674456 (4.5 to 6.5)
 At the workplace1111101
 Coordination meeting0000021
 By telephone1002037
Critical steps* within 6 months, (steps), yes/no
Design of preliminary planyyyynyy
 Coordinator (4)yyyynyy
 Confirmed with team or physician (5)yyyynnn
Plan for return-to-work confirmedyyyyyyy
 Employer (9)yyyyyny
 Coordination meeting (13)nnnnnyy
Strategies for communication (7)yyyynny
Follow-up, revision (10 and 14)yyyyyyy
Meeting with peer counsellor (12)yynynny
Work re-entry and follow-up (15)ynyynny
  • *Critical steps imply steps that were not performed together with all participants or steps that were not performed according to the intervention (follow-up, steps 10 and 14).

  • SCI, spinal cord injury.