Table 2

Daily motivational and feedback messages DIAMANTE study

A: Different categories with feedback messages that the algorithm chooses from
Feedback messagesExamples
0.No feedback message
1.Reaching goal“Yesterday, you did not reach your goal”
2.Steps walked yesterday“Yesterday, you walked 3824 steps”
3.Walked more/less today than yesterday“Yesterday, you walked more than your goal”
4.Steps walked yesterday, plus a positive/negative motivational message“You walked 8000 steps yesterday. Great job!”
B: Different categories with Mmotivational messages that the algorithm chooses from
Motivational messagesExamples
0.No message
1.Capability, describes the physical and psychological benefits of walking and exercise“Doing more physical activity can help reduce feelings of fatigue”
2.Motivation, meant to increase self-confidence and the belief that one is capable of walking even in the face of challenges“You have made changes to improve your health before, you can do it again”
3.Opportunity, physical and social environment cues that make it more likely to engage in walking“It there a local park you have been waiting to visit? Use it as an opportunity to get out of the house and do more steps!”
  • The algorithm can also choose not to send a message (category no feedback).

  • The algorithm can also choose not to send a message (category no motivation).