Table 3

Search strategy for Ovid MEDLINE

1exp Infant, Newborn/
2(neonat* or newborn* or new born* or baby or babies or premature or preterm or infant* or low birth weight or LBW or VLBW or ELBW or NICU*).ti,ab,kw.
31 or 2
4exp Sepsis/
5(sepsis or septic* or bacter?emia).ti,ab,kw.
64 or 5
7Decision Support Techniques/ or Neonatal Screening/
8((predict* or diagnos* or screen* or identif* or manag*) adj5 (model* or rule* or scor* or tool* or algorithm* or decision tree* or pathway* or calculator*)).ti,ab,kw.
97 or 8
103 and 6 and 9
  • ELBW, extremely low birth weight; LBW, low birth weight; NICU, neonatal intensive care unit; VLBW, very low birth weight.