Table 2

Characteristics of the 232 NMAs included in the re-analysis

Characteristics of networksMedianIQR
Median number of treatments compared6(5 to 9)
Median number of studies included19(12 to 34)
Median total sample size6100(2514 to 17264)
Number of NMAs%
Beneficial outcome9741.8%
Dichotomous outcome18579.7%
Continuous outcome4720.3%
Published before 20104218.1%
Ranking metric used in original publication (non-exclusive)
 Probability of producing the best value8335.8%
 Median or mean rank31.3%
Published in general medicine journals*12553.9%
Published in health services research journals†31.3%
Published in specialty journals10444.8%
  • *Includes the categories Medicine, General and Internal, Pharmacology and Pharmacy, Research and Experimental, Primary Healthcare.

  • †Includes the categories Healthcare Sciences and Services, Health Policy and Services.

  • IQR, interquartile range; NMA, network meta-analysis; SUCRA, surface under the cumulative ranking curve.