Table 2

Examples of the analysis of interviews

In a way, I don’t need help, as long as I have my husband and children. (Jane)
We make a good match. She gives me just enough room. I think she adjusts. She knows me so well. (Billy)
My partner provides security and stability. He/she understands what I need.The importance of close relationshipsStaying connected
I feel like … to bother my husband about taking me here and there … Even though he says he doesn’t mind, it takes an effort. Earlier … I just got in the car and drove anywhere. (Julie)
I have always been the one who helps others. To be the one who asks for it; that’s a problem. (Robert)
To get things done, I feel I have to rely on other people more than before and it makes me feel sad.The vulnerable dependence on others
I have gotten more active after I realized that I am not coping with the things around me. We have gone for walks together for a long time, but now that I walk every single day, I walk fast, and it is absolutely heavenly! (Hugo)When I am physically active, I feel goodTo experience joy and enthusiasmTo be active and participate
I don’t want to cultivate this. Still I feel healthy, vigorous and ‘with it’. (Jacob)I feel well and do not want to give attention to the dementia conditionTo live in the moment