Table 2

Fixed effects models for poverty and length of stay

variable: log LOS
Public insurance
Private insurance
Public hospital
Private hospital
Public insurance at public hospital
Poverty rate−0.0070***−0.0108***0.0051***−0.0067***0.0027***−0.0072***
Poverty rate squared0.0001***0.0002***−0.0001*0.0001***−0.0000*0.0001***
Public insurance indicator0.00020.1305***−0.0929*
Public hospital indicator0.3776***0.4759***0.2009***
Observations1 033 222770 890262 332746 639286 583695 929
  • Notes: All regressions include the following controls: age, age squared, an indicator for female, an indicator for medical complexity condition, indicator for rural municipality, year and regional fixed effects. SEs are clustered at the regional level.

  • ***p<0.01, **p<0.05, *p<0.1

  • log LOS, logarithm of the length of stay.