Table 2

Changes in sub-mode performance in CONC and CONT

Sub-modeCohortNChange in sub-mode score (post–pre, mean (95% CI)Change in scoreImproved (%)Worse (%)No change (%)Wilcoxon signed-rank test p valueOR (95% CI) for odds of improvement more likely in CONC than CONT
Symptom numberCONT1190−0.07 (-0.22 to 0.07)No change24.823.951.30.5511.52 (1.10 to 2.11), p=0.011
CONC143−0.42 (-0.75 to -0.09)Decrease30.814.055.20.002*
Symptom severityCONT1190−0.11 (-0.36 to 0.12)No change25.623.950.40.3871.54 (1.11 to 2.13), p=0.009
CONC143−0.67 (-1.17 to -0.17)Decrease32.*
OrientationCONT11900.01 (-0.02 to 0.04)No change12.211.576.30.6191.26 (0.98 to 1.61), p=0.073
CONC501−0.03 (-0.08 to 0)No change11.215.473.50.072
Immediate memory (10-word list)CONT7230.28 (0 to 0.57)No change48.441.99.70.0401.21 (0.83 to 1.75), p=0.320
CONC1190.49 (-0.15 to 1.15)No change52.
Delayed recall (10-word list)CONT7230.02 (-0.11 to 0.16)No change38.036.725.30.7591.39 (0.97 to 1.99), p=0.073
CONC1190.4 (0.1 to 0.7)No change45.428.626.10.016
Digits backwardCONT11900.04 (0 to 0.1)No change27.522.949.70.0341.33 (1.08 to 1.62), p=0.007
CONC5010.23 (0.14 to 0.31)Increase30.915.453.7<0.001*
Final concentrationCONT11900.06 (0.01 to 0.12)No change29.424.346.30.0141.34 (1.09 to 1.64), p=0.005
CONC5010.25 (0.17 to 0.34)Increase32.715.851.5<0.001*
Tandem gait timeCONT1185−0.29 (-0.41 to -0.17)Decrease45.933.920.2<0.0010.94 (0.76 to 1.17), p=0.583
CONC433−0.28 (-0.5 to -0.07)No change48.541.69.90.012
Double leg errorsCONT11900 (-0.01 to 0.01)No change1.01.497.60.3551.31 (0.63 to 2.72), p=0.464
CONC5010 (-0.01 to 0.01)No change1.20.898.00.528
Single leg errorsCONT1190−0.1 (-0.22 to 0.02)No change37.735.626.60.2191.08 (0.88 to 1.32), p=0.460
CONC501−0.23 (-0.44 to -0.03)No change39.533.127.30.038
Tandem stance errorsCONT1190−0.04 (-0.12 to 0.04)No change28.628.243.20.7191.08 (0.08 to 1.31), p=0.471
CONC501−0.09 (-0.24 to 0.05)No change27.725.746.50.351
Total balance errorsCONT1190−0.13 (-0.31 to 0.03)No change39.038.722.30.4511.20 (0.98 to 1.46), p=0.081
CONC501−0.33 (-0.63 to -0.04)No change43.134.922.00.043
  • The relative performance change (T2 – T1) is indicated for each sub-mode and cohort.

  • Performance in Concussions (CONC) and Controls (CONT)

  • *denotes significant change in sub-mode score T2 versus T1. The OR shows the odds (95% CI) of sub-mode performance improving in CONC relative to CONT during the second assessment. Bonferroni correction resulted in significance accepted at p<0.004.