Table 1

Personal and professional questions

Demographic dataSurvey 1Survey 2Survey 3
Employment-related factorsSurvey 1Survey 2Survey 3
Name of hospital
Parent specialty
Type of department
Redeployed to another clinical area
Where have you been redeployed to
How satisfied are you with this redeployment
Deployment back to original place of work
Local availability of psychological support
Training and experienceSurvey 1Survey 2Survey 3
Previous infectious disease experience
Exposure to suspected/confirmed cases of COVID-19
Exposure to patients who have died due to suspected or confirmed COVID-19
Personal protective equipment training
Confidence in personal protective equipment training
COVID-19 practical clinical care training and confidence
Frequency of access and sources of clinical information
Perception of preparedness
Personal factorsSurvey 1Survey 2Survey 3
Concern regarding worsening of mental health condition
Concern regarding worsening of physical health condition
Concerns about risk to personal health
Concerns about risk to family or loved ones
Experience of previous significant trauma (prior to COVID-19 pandemic)
Concern about risk of death to self
Perception of support from friends and family
Perception of support from senior leadership team
Perception of impact on other patient groups (not COVID-19)
Positive factors related to involvement with coronavirus response
Personal experience of COVID-19Survey 1Survey 2Survey 3
Have you had to self-isolate
Reason for self-isolation
Number of clinical shifts missed due to self-isolation
Have you received a positive coronavirus diagnosis
Have you been admitted to hospital due to coronavirus
Have you received an antibody test
What was the result of the antibody test
Any COVID-19-related illness or death in family or friends
Any COVID-19-related illness or death in colleagues